Islam in a nutshell

Where am I?   What is this?

Welcome, you’re in the Dunya.   It’s a VR simulation.

Where did I come from?   Where will I go?

The real world is similar, just without some of the training wheel constraints of this one. That’s where we go back once we’re done.

Why are we here?

Quality Control – Every new soul goes through this simulation to learn about the nature of reality. The ones who calibrate move forward to a healthy society knowing the consequence of why they shouldn’t act stupidly. The ones that don’t, are purged.

P.S. The Dunya exists in a state of polarity, so to help you on your journey to seek the truth, remember to see the opposite .

What is Islam: Sukun 

What is the opposite: Unrest/Anxiety

How do I get ‘Islam’: Be a Muslim

What’s a Muslim:  Someone who submits to the will of Allah

What’s Allah: the truth #haq has a spectrum of colors (the creator, the guide among many other that you‘ll experience shortly) 

How do I be a Muslim:  Through Emaan #faith 

What’s Emaan: The truths of existence. i.e. remember polarities, remember there’s only one ultimate truth, you’re not alone in the universe (other beings exist, some of which can travel between the simulation and the real world), remember there’ll be an end. 

Seems straightforward, what’s the catch: the VR is superb quality.. As we immerse into this experience Its easy to forget there’s a world outside, and since you can’t see or feel that world, after a while that might seem like a fairy tale and this might seem like the #truth.

I’ll be fine..   yup, that’s what we’re here to test. 

Any tips? Ihsan..#beautification.. Go about and express yourself authentically, interact with the simulation.. Learn about it, and add your stroke of beauty.. it’s a wonderful world :) 

Just don’t forget it’ll all end.

and what you do, matters. 

You know what, here are some tools to help: 

1) Shahada: if you forget all just remember this line ‘There is no High Authority (Allah) other than the Ultimate Truth (Allah), and Mohammad was the last one to share the message’ 

2) Namaz: Take out a few minutes every few hours and remind yourself. (remember you are a 3 part being (mind, body and spirit.. Cleanup your body and get the same exercise in, habits are a feature.. use them well) 

3) Zakat: Remember, we’re in this together. One of the key ways of living the truth is giving from your belongings to those who have been less fortunate. You should do as many acts of service #sadaqa as possible, but you must every year remember to give a certain portion of your excess wealth to the less fortunate. 

4) Roza: Another tool to calibrate the body with the spirit is fasting, it helps you detox and consciously break any bad habits that you might have picked up along the way. We usually dedicate a month to make sure we don’t keep putting it off. 

5) Hajj: Theres a spot on this globe that serves as a physical reminder – Kaaba. That’s where we all point when we pray every day. Try to go there at least once in your life.. The stories that took place there are wonderful reminders and the energy from all the billion people praying towards it is invigorating. 

These are tools to help you remember, and stay in that sweet sweet Sukun.

If you need some source or details: Please reference this book #Quran. You can reference it for more warnings and reminders as you need along the way. Also if you need some more guidance or clarification look for Mohammad’s examples #Sunna&Hadeeth to help you out. 

Enjoy the journey! Spread some joy, bring some easy, it’s a multi dimensional world.. The way you interact with each experience is your brush stroke on this canvas. 

Almost forgot! – The Devil

Remember I mentioned polarity..  well the opposite of truth is the lie.. So there’s a agent in the matrix who’s job is to make you forget and instead, highly immerse you in the simluation. You’ll need to watch out for that charecter.

What does he look like?

He exists in the real realm but runs a team of agents who’s full time job is to deceive us, and try to make us give in to our #Nafs.

Whats’s the Nafs?

Can I control the Nafs?  

Remember it’s easier to devour a sheep when it’s alone. So the wolf runs a guided #individualism campaign to lead us straight to his trap. Whereas true individuality is expressed by living authentically. 

Here’s an example of #haq’s point of view: A few deep relationships matter more than a bazillion superficial ones:

To be continued…